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Team Meeting


Interested in Business

and growth of Business

in Legal & District Area?

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, February 1 at 7pm

Citadel Center, Legal


Meetings are open to Members and General Public interested in Business and Growth of Business in Legal & District.

Take advantage of the new



The Legal & District Chamber of Commerce Local Sports & Recreation Grant is designed for non-profit sports groups for recreation and league play. This grant is to be used for the purchase of equipment, uniforms, and sponsorship for training clinics required to meet the needs of a group or league team.

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Now that Covid restrictions are in the past, we are excited to once again offer Business Education Workshops. As always, we are hopeful these workshops will help our members become more successful. 

Friday, June 24

VENDOR TRAINING : Friday, June 24

To learn more about these Full-Day Programs at the Citadel Center in Legal, please visit Education Workshops or contact us at


An Opportunity Development Co-op is a way for local money to be invested into local business. It works similarly to an RRSP but instead of your money being invested in far off business ventures you get to see your money put to work to build business in your own community. Investments are paid back with a rate of return competitive with most RRSP's and can then be reinvested in subsequent projects. There have been many success stories using this funding model. For example, Sangudo Meats was transformed from a vacant space to a thriving business through just such a co-op. Check out more of their story! 

If you are interested either as a potential investor or an entrepreneur with an idea please contact us! Watch this space for further developments.

Legal & District Chamber of Commerce membership helps you run your business more effectively, strengthens the economic climate of the region, and gives you networking and promotion opportunities. 



The mission of the Legal & District Chamber of Commerce is to present its fellow members and residents of the district with the highest level of integrity and accountability in the promotion and improvement of trade and commerce as well

as the economic and general well-being of the district.


  • Collaboration: working together, as a board, with our members, partners, and stakeholders for the betterment of all parties.

  • Commitment: to consistently ensure our mission is carried out in the best interest of the Chamber.

  • Integrity: a united organization, operating morally and ethically and always being honest. 

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