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Hello residents of Legal. My name is Andrew (Andy) Beaton. I have been a resident of Legal for more than thirteen years I currently live on main street with my wife and two young children. I believe I can offer a new perspective to the Council, be a strong voice for all residents of Legal (including young families looking for a sustainable town to raise their families), and to encourage and create new opportunities for new families to move into our beautiful town. 

In the past 13 years I have volunteered heavily in the community, I coached Legal soccer for several years while serving as board President. I was an active member of the Legal Lion’s club volunteering in many capacities such as highway clean up, participating in handing out clothes to the homeless as well as running multiple meat draw fundraisers. I am the volunteer writer for the Legal-Lerie. I’m also very involved in the fete celebrations acting as the town crier, also creating and managing the escape rooms and over see other events during Fete including the town fireworks. 

I continue to volunteer for the town when ever I can, Canada day celebrations, Christmas craft shows, and school playground construction. I also like to create my own ways to give back to the community during the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic. I created a social distance scavenger hunt that both kids and adults could do around town on their smart devices, completely free. During Christmas I host “Andy cane Lane” where we decorate our house, invite Santa to meet the kids, and hand out treats. I have also helped create an annual event that raises money for the Stollery children’s hospital foundation that so far has raised just over $20,000.00 for the foundation. 

If elected I would like to spend my time on council advocating for our seniors assisting homeland housing investing in our senior’s facility making it even more accommodating for our seniors. I would also work with the RCMP to dedicate more time patrolling Legal to keep the crime rate down. And finally, I will strive to help grow Legal by encouraging new businesses to the community, helping with jobs for our youth, and grow our economy. 

QUESTION 1: What motivated you to put your name forward for public service?  

As stated in my opening statement I fell in love with this community when I moved here when I was 17. Since then, I have served on multiple non profits, and volunteer organizations. I want to help Legal continue to be the great town it is and help bring it into the future. I strongly believe I can help with that vision. That is why I put my name forward. 

QUESTION 2: What is your experience with Governance Boards? 

I have multiple years of experience with governance boards. I have served on several boards including being appointed by the current town council to sit on the Legal Library board, where I was named chairperson. I have also served as President of the friends of Legal school society. Vice-President of the Legal citizens on patrol. Vice-President of the Fete Au Village committee. Other boards I have served on include The tri county soccer association. Friends of Legal library society, and the Legal lions club. 

QUESTION 3: How familiar are you with the roles and responsibilities of Council? 

Extremely familiar I have attended multiple meetings in the past to observe the practices and protocols of council. In the last 5 years I have also made it a priority to attend all town meetings such as the crime meeting hosted by the town as well as the RCMP. The meeting held by with Homeland housing discussing our seniors housing. I was also the only non member of either the town or council to attend both GFL open houses as well as both council meetings were the change to GFL was decided. 

QUESTION 4: What are your goals and aspirations for Town of Legal? 

I would like to continue the exceptional work of the current and previous council, as previous mentioned I am passionate about community events and programs and would like to see the current ones thrive as well as add new ones such as youth groups and more activities for teenagers. I would like to continue my work on bringing a library to the community. 

QUESTION 5: What do you envision for the Town of Legal in the next 4 years and how would you achieve that? 

As previous stated I would look to see a library come to Legal with my work on the friends of legal library society as well as the legal library board we are already making progress to making this a reality. 

If anyone has any further questions please feel free to call text or email me any time.