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I am currently the Mayor of Legal and have been on council since 2012. Holding a seat as councillor, Deputy Mayor and now Mayor since 2015. I have been honored to be elected to both the Deputy Mayor and Mayor seats by my fellow councillors over the course of the last 8 years.


I have lived in Legal most of my life, with deep family roots in the community. Together with my husband of 25 years, we are raising our daughter. I currently have a small home-based printing and office service company as well as work locally in a job share position at SVF.


Prior to council and still to this day I am a present and contributing member of the community.  The connection and growth of our business members has been important to me and therefore have held an executive position on the Legal & District Chamber of Commerce since 2010 and volunteer publisher of their monthly newsletter the Legal-Lerie for the past 12 years, as well as, currently taken on the lead role of our advertising business signs in the Legal Arena which will give back yet again to the community in the form of a Local Sports Grant. Beyond the Chamber I am an active executive member of the Fete au Village for the past 12 years, with a vast number of coordinator roles, the position has been steadily evolving and I offer my services where and whenever possible. There have been several additional past roles I have contributed to within the volunteer community such as a Legal Lions member and joint coordinator for the Wild Pink Yonder to name a few.


Over the course of my terms on council, I have collaborated, brainstormed, and advocated with council members, community members and various levels of government for the betterment of Legal. I have continually respected my fellow council members and welcomed open perspective on all topics at hand. We have had a multitude of successes over the course of this 4-year term while maintaining a modest increase to taxes or no increase at all. Our CAO and administration have been diligent in seeking grants to assist with expenditures to the tune of $3,342,334.00. 


We completed the extensive IDP & ICF agreements with our regional partners and negotiated cost share agreements. Upgraded parks, recreational areas, maintained, upgraded, and added new water and sewer services, road repairs and new sidewalks, we engaged community members in regard to changes to services and made decisions based on the best practices for the community. We have continually worked with local organizations, groups, and regional partners to better utilize grants. As well as attracted and retained a pharmacy, and now a doctor.  In addition, I personally have been an appointed board member of Homeland Housing over the past 7 years. I am proud to say the organization has broadened its scope, advocating for seniors housing, seniors assisted or supportive housing, and affordable housing for all. This organization of 13 board members from MD of Lesser Slave River, Westlock, Westlock County, Clyde, Redwater, Gibbons, Bon Accord, Morinville, Sturgeon County, St. Alberta and Legal has accomplished several large projects and advocate for the region.

QUESTION 1: What motivated you to put your name forward for public service?  

To be perfectly honest I never saw myself as a politician nor sought out to be one. It was back in 2012 when someone suggested I run in the bi election which was for a 10-month term, in which I decided it would be excellent opportunity to see what a member of Council meant and what the role would be. It was during that 10-month term I realized how much I enjoyed being more involved in the community, at yet another level. Assisting in future development & growth of my family’s forever home. I put my name forward for this term as I feel I have built a strong foundation with the community members and our neighboring partners. I understand and have ability to commit to my roles as council and I truly still have more to give.

QUESTION 2: What is your experience with Governance Boards? 

As an incumbent I have had various roles within several Governance Boards. Governance boards are held to strict guidelines put forth by the Municipal Governance Act (MGA). The MGA is a guide to how municipalities operate, plan, and manage. The MGA affects everyone in Alberta, the private sector, and every ministry in the Gov’t of Alberta. Our CAO with administration keeps us up to date with changes within the act and keep the council informed on procedure. Governance Boards outside the community I have participated in are the Capital Region Board now known as Edmonton Metropolitan Board, Homeland Housing, which is governed under a Ministerial Order for housing management bodies.

QUESTION 3: How familiar are you with the roles and responsibilities of Council? 

Again, as an incumbent I understand the roles and responsibilities of Council quite thoroughly. I take these roles very serious and maintain a professional and respectful position at all times. There are many additional items to council besides joining a meeting twice a month to discuss local improvements. Such as the review of annual budgets, review, and implementation of strategic plan, establishing tax rates, entering into agreements and contracts with neighboring municipalities, passing of resolutions to set forth the action of our one employee, which is the CAO – as well as representing our community at a number of additional committees – to name a few.

QUESTION 4: What are your goals and aspirations for Town of Legal? 

Goals: Continue upgrading aged infrastructure to assist in resident growth (water/sewer lines, roads and sidewalks). Advocate for additional senior self-contained home options as well as affordable housing within Legal. Continue to seek and assist business & services growth to our community.

I aspire to see our community grow via residential and business, while offering services and programming to our residents that a meaningful and well utilized. I want our community members to feel proud and safe in their community and want them to choose to make Legal their forever home.

QUESTION 5: What do you envision for the Town of Legal in the next 4 years and how would you achieve that? 

Over the course of the next 4 years, I would like to see.

  • Business growth, utilization of buildings & land on our main street and encourage residential growth by seeking out developers and business minded individuals

  • Continue seeking opportunities to develop or restructure facilities such as our Arena and Citadel Center in which could provide sustainable services and programming (library, youth, and senior programming) while being fiscally responsible.

  • Conduct a bylaw campaign, providing details to our residents about bylaws that affect their land use and the community standards. Engage the community and educate all on these bylaws, and which potential bylaws they may be in contravention of.

  • Continue growing relations with neighboring municipalities, local organizations and sourcing grants that can contribute to the growth and betterment of our community.

QUESTION 6 - FOR RE-ELECTED CANDIDATES: If you are re-elected on Oct 18, what are the 2 main items you would like the Town and council to undertake in this term? ANSWER WITHIN QUESTION 5

In closing


I take great pride in being part of the community and have been present and a contributing member of our community well before council had ever been a consideration. Through the last 8 years of being on council, I find one of the greatest strengths is the passion for wanting to see this community prosper. Prosper in residential growth, businesses sustainability and over all beautifications. I take pride in hearing surrounding municipality, residents, and newcomers say, “Legal is such a beautiful, welcoming community”. I want to see that continue for years to come. I wish all candidates the best of luck in the elections and their upcoming potential roles as council. Regardless of the result of the election, I know I will always be a strong contributing community member in any capacity possible.