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Hello Town of Legal residents and neighbours. I am seeking reelection as Councilor for the Town of Legal. Legal is not just where I live, but has been my  lifelong home and community. My wife Jackie and I have enjoyed raising our 3 children here in the spirit only a small town can provide. I have worked in Legal my entire working life at the local car dealership.  Because of this I feel a deep connection to our community and want to see it continue to grow, prosper and be an attractive place to live. 

QUESTION 1: What motivated you to put your name forward for public service?  

As a previous member of Town council the last 2 terms I have been fortunate to influence and participate in the decisions made by council to position Legal for growth . These include numerous infrastructure improvements (waterlines, sewer lines, streets , sidewalks) that will service Legal for years to come. While not flashy, these undertakings will provide opportunity for expansion. The key to Legal's future is growth and my desire to see this is my primary motivation to seek reelection. 

QUESTION 2: What is your experience with Governance Boards? 

As an incumbent I have come to understand governance as it applies to municipal government . I have represented the Town of Legal on various committees including Legal COP, Legal Fete Committee, Friends of Legal Library Society, Legal Library Board, and Roseridge Waste Commission. I have held leadership positions in the past with volunteer organizations including President of Legal Ambulance, President of Legal Ringette and have been an active member of the Legal Fire Department for years. 

QUESTION 3: How familiar are you with the roles and responsibilities of Council? 

Being an incumbent I am aware of the roles and responsibilities of council members. Being a councillor is a pledge to your community to represent them in all matters that will affect them today and in the future. I take my pledge seriously, preparing and attending all meetings in and out of the community, participating in community events and representing our Town where required. 

I will not shy away from debate on important issues and am prepared to make decisions that are in the best interest of the community. I believe that it is important to listen to residents and am not afraid to have the difficult conversations to resolve concerns and get what Legal needs. 

Understanding the roles and jurisdiction of municipal and provincial governments is key to being an effective councillor and having realistic expectations of what we as a local governing body can achieve. 

QUESTION 4: What are your goals and aspirations for Town of Legal? 

My primary goal is for growth. Increasing the number of residents and businesses in Legal will decrease the burden on the current taxpayer. While our mill rate is higher in Legal than some surrounding communities , the overall taxes we pay are not. I have voted to minimize tax increases over the last several years. Keeping tax rates competitive and pursuing new economic development initiatives will help to achieve this. 

Legal is a family friendly community and  great place to live with newer park structures, upgraded recreational facilities, and numerous educational choices. Legal is a well kept, clean community that enjoys a well managed public works service. Pursuing grant dollars has been a top priority for council and Town of Legal Administration and has resulted in attaining over $3 Million in funding for our community. In recent years, council has managed to attract a pharmacist and more recently a family physician to the Town. These are important steps to supporting our community and attracting new families to Legal. 

Promoting Legal's attributes is key to growth and while the current council has completed some work in this area, I would like to build on these initiatives to keep this moving forward. 

QUESTION 5: What do you envision for the Town of Legal in the next 4 years and how would you achieve that? 

While somewhat similar to question 4, I feel it is very important that Legal promotes itself and that the community be engaged to take pride in ownership.


Council will need to encourage residents to shop locally, and work hand in hand with the Legal Chamber of Commerce to promote current businesses and attract new business to the area. An exciting possibility would be to explore the idea of a business incubator program. Council would also need to review and ensure that licensing and business development processes are accommodating. 

I believe  Legal is ideally situated just off highway 2 and now has access to the Heartland via a paved highway. This opens the door for business opportunities to settle in Legal with excellent transportation corridors. The completion of the west Legal sewer line has provided the ability for further commercial development. 

Legal could also explore further partnership with Sturgeon County to attract business to our neighboring Crossroads Industrial Park. Leveraging development just outside of Legal will have economic benefit for the town businesses without the cost of developing additional serviced industrial land in town. 

QUESTION 6 - FOR RE-ELECTED CANDIDATES: If you are re-elected on Oct 18, what are the 2 main items you would like the Town and council to undertake in this term?

Economic development, continued fiscal responsibility and attracting new residents are my primary goals. 

These I believe are key to our future success.